The Decline of Windsurfing in the UK

For a while, surfing and windsurfing saw surges in popularity for years. Now in 2021, we can see the figures dropping in the UK and other countries across the globe. Here we look at some of the possible reasons.

Surfing and windsurfing fall under the category of water sports, which is weather dependent and there are not many areas in the world that can support many days of consistent high winds which is necessary for windsurfing. A lot of gear and equipment is needed in windsurfing. Carrying all the equipment and waiting on the beach for the wind to pick up can get tiring.

The cost of getting started with windsurfing is not on the cheap side of sports, it can get expensive. Finding local shops offering rentals on equipment can also be a struggle in certain areas in the UK. Windsurfing demands certain equipment such as a board, mast, quiver of sails, harness, boom and more gear which will likely cost up to $2,000 minimum.

All this gear takes up space and needs to be moved to the beach each time you want to go windsurfing. Most windsurfers opt to use vans or trailers to get the gear from their homes to the beach.

This can make one think of how difficult it is to get started. Forking out $2,000 to get started in a sport, the space needed to be used for the equipment, and the need for a trailer is not the easiest sport to get into.

Looking at difficulties regarding sports, windsurfing is at the top of the list. It’s a sport that is hard to master and the learning curve can take a long time to get through.

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