How to Bet on Surfing

This guide offers an overview of surfing as a profession and includes the best site recommendations and which events to pay attention to when interested in gambling and betting on the sport of surfing. The 2021 Olympic sports saw many individuals taking part in betting on the sport.

In the 1960s, surfing became an official sport due to the increase in media attention and the exposure it received as a sport. In the year 2016, the International Olympic Committee voted in favour of including the sport of surfing as one of 5 new sports to appear in the 2021 Olympic Games.

One of the most important factors to consider before betting is what the rules are with the betting and with regulations in your state.

Learning what judges look for in competitions of surfing can help you understand who to bet on. The judging panel consists of five judges who analyses the performance of the surfers. The judges score each wave on a scale starting from 1 and ending with 10. The lowest scores by the judges then get cancelled, and the surfer will receive the average of the remaining three scores.

The judges’ scoring system criteria include the following elements: commitment and level of difficulty, innovative manoeuvres, speed, power, and flow, major manoeuvres, and variety of manoeuvres.

Many online sportsbooks in the UK include surf betting on their websites. Watching surf events and competitions online can help to stay up to date on when there are betting events.

By visiting websites such as mFortune with different types of casino bonuses, you can find many online casinos offering sportsbooks which include surf betting as well as many other sports. With mFortune you get a casino with only reliable games, slots and sportsbook recommendations. As surf betting was only legalised in 2016 you can expect the popularity to grow.