In this article, we have a look at 4 of the most popular blogs on surfing and windsurfing in the UK. Visiting these blogs regularly can keep you up to date on news and advice around the sport of windsurfing.

Surfer Today –

This blog provides news from the windsurfing world with up to 3 articles per month. The articles on windsurfing are focused on surfers, racers, and competitions. They also provide daily windsurfing news updates and are seen as the world’s leading windsurfing site.

Windsurfing UK Magazine –

Windsurfing UK has an aim of bringing only the best content based on windsurfing, from real sailors to pros. Some of their articles focus on freeride races, everyday sailors, beginners, and basically everything to do with windsurfing throughout the UK. They provide a focus to the UK’s domestic scene with up to 1 post per month.

Windsurf Magazine –

On this blog, you can find many articles on windsurfing, windsurfing techniques, advice and tips, news, and equipment reviews. You can also find videos and the best features online. In this magazine, you can expect up to 3 posts per year, they have over 43.1k fans on Facebook.

Poole Windsurfing –

This Uk based windsurfing blog releases about 3 posts per year. Their articles include windsurfing news, reviews on products and equipment, advice and discussions, and travel destinations. You can also find many tips on techniques for windsurfing and bargain buy links.

Follow these blogs to stay up to date with the windsurfing community throughout the UK.