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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Crazier August

This weather's not right!

I thought July was wierd up here, but double overhead barrelling waves in Yorkshire in August?
I saw the forecast was looking a little epic again for the North Sea, so took the whole day off yesterday and made the most of it. Funny thing is I only thought the surfing was going to be epic, but the surprisingly windy wavesailing wasn't bad either.

Started off at my favourite surf spot where I still daren't use the Gopro or get my camera out -which is starting to irritate me as I could have got the barrel of my life on film yesterday morning.(and as it turned out someone else had there's on anyway) It was pretty big, and barrelling, and glassy, (and brown) with a very light offshore, and only 5 of us out once 9am had gone. Total epicness for a couple of hours.

Eventually the tide meant it was time to go somewhere else, so I headed to Saltburn, which was.... too windy. OMG, could this day get any better!?
So bombed over to Redcar for a windsurf. It was windy, but very offshore, and the swell was rapidly dropping and no one around. Rigged the 5.0 and the 82. Video will tell the story...



After sailing the usual bit in front of the carpark, I sailed down at the point (2nd ride on the vid), which had a few surfers out and was loads better -a punchier wave and slightly more cross-shore. Actually looked a top surf spot -I'd never noticed it right there under my nose before. 

The wind started to pick up even more, but decided the tide would be right again on the reefs. So headed back along the coast for a windsurf there -full power on 5 0 and waves jacking up to a good logo high on the reef despite the swell vanishing. Bloody Fantastic. Sailed pretty much until dark so a very long day (and spent the whole of it in my new O'shea wetsuit -very comfy), drove home about as stoked as you can be, bit of a change from hearing the looting and sirens going off in Leicester the night before.. 

Whilst on iMovie, I got round to doing this one too, which shows a lovely sunny but freezing cold February day at Praa..


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