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Friday, 03 July 2020
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We'd been talking of this trip for quite a while; a van load or two of the usual crowd that sail together shooting over to Ireland on a last minute forecast, to score some epic conditions. And that was the plan.

On saturday the 5th the forecast for Ireland looked sweet, windy on Saturday through to Wednesday getting windier and wavier throughout, culminating in 40mph Southerlies and 25 foot waves on the Wednesday/Thursday.

Russ (Crazy Horse) Tetlow, Jamie Hay and myself didn't think twice about spending the £260 for Sunday nights ferry. We booked it Saturday afternoon and shortly afterwards Wayne joined the party.
We were all a tad excited to say the least!

That feeling didn't last long though; checking the forecast before we left showed Monday to be the best day and going to nothing by Wednesday as the low scooted by too quickly. But hey this was Ireland and anything can happen.


And what do you know, we drive 3hrs to Holyhead, spend 3hrs on the ferry, then drive 5 hrs across Ireland to a remote place none of us had ever heard of and we bump into the same old crowd of loonies we find everywhere else! Seems like there's a pretty small band of dedicated idiots chasing the wind around the same as we do. Andy King, Dave Horrocks, Adrian (Boardseeker) Jones, Timo and Finn Mullen had all arrived at the same break!
Thanks to Oisin VG for the local lowdown, shame he couldn't make it.

The view inland across the lock.


We arrived to find b*gger all wind though on surpossedly the windiest day!
Fortunately by mid-day it was 4m weather..

Crazy Horse gets stuck in!



Later on we headed out to the reef and had an epic session; 4.5m weather and logo high down the line.
As ever though, there's no pics of the decent conditions as we were all to busy killing it! (or trying to atleast and no evidence despite 2 camera's and a video between the 4 of us..)
This session made the trip worth while and we all came off the water at 9pm feeling pretty stoked and very knackered.
Several pints of Guiness followed before we all crashed out without eating.

Tuesday was bit of a let down. Despite the waves being a fair size still, they were pretty dumpy in the light cross-on breeze and we all wobbled around trying to make the most of a bad job. By early afternoon the wind had gone.


After a whole lot of driving round, out came the surfboards back at the reef we started at. It was a fun session though and we stayed out 'til  9:20pm!
We had to be back at the digs for 10 as the landlady was preparing us all a big pasta meal. When we arrived back though, Russ, Wayne and the Landlady were busy getting sloshed in the local pub, dinner was eventually served at 12:30am! Gotta love this place and the locals.

We were then up at 7am for breakfast and doing the dash back across Ireland for the early ferry or the faint possability of some sailing on the East coast. It didn't happen though and we all arrived back in Blighty at 8pm.

I'm sure we'll be back, but the forecast is going to have to be pretty special, it's a long way to go for one days sailing no matter how epic.

More pics now up at STINKNP.CO.UK




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