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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Portugal mostly...


Back at the start of April we called this trip to Thurso a skunking! We couldn't really be bothered to look through the pics or vid, we'd been skunked and that was that. Eventually Jony and Leky had a look through what they had...




ImageJony Price


ImageAleksy Gayda




Total rubbish conditions obviously...

The amazing winter had ended at the end of March and that was perhaps it's final splutter mid April before it went completely pants.

PORTUGAL TRIP 1... Peniche

I've always fancied a week away on a surf camp, surfing my brains out (without the usual duties of sight seeing and sun bathing company), and at the end of April I did just that. Good mate Martin  (windsurf buddy from his UK days) is now living in Portugal and sorted this number out for us -coaching from Jez at Unisurfity and lodgings at Peniche surf Lodge, both highly recommended..

ImageBaleal, Portugal


ImageDuncan, owner of Peniche surf Lodge, getting legged at Supertubos

ImageGetting a wheely



I definitely surfed my brains out! and landed the nickname 'steve the machine'. And I also, with much thanks to Jez Browning, improved my surfing no end. Jez is a Jedi master of surfing technique, writes the articles for Wavelength and MSW, and is one of only 6 level 6 Jedi surf masters in the world! (more info at Highly recommended, as are the guys at Peniche surf lodge (very friendly and they rip )


ImageImage Si Crowther


It was then back home to the UK and straight into the first round of the BRITISH WAVESAILING CHAMPIONSHIP. All you need to know is that I beat PWA ripper and Canaries local Adam Lewis, who went onto finish the event in 2nd place behind Phil Horrocks!. (we'll gloss over the fact that I went on to finish last..  somehow?!)



Since then I managed a sail at Constantine.. 


Before heading back to Portugal with Trudie for our summer hols.. 


PORTUGAL TRIP 2...  Algarve 

No coaching or surfing out of brains this time, but a holiday with wife Trudie and a 4hr dawnie everyday. Which was pretty good going considering the rest of Europe was flat.. 


Image2 times OH point

ImageMonte Clerigo


ImageWe stayed here at Luz







We did some sightseeing, highlight of which was a canoe trip round the caves of Lagos... 





For anyone thinking of going, leave the wavesailing gear at home and take a couple of surfboards for small punchy waves and you'll be out everyday.

Since being back home I've had one very decent sail on the East coast (4.3 at Barmston) and a lot of very average surfing, with a lot of dog walking. It's been a pretty slow summer for me.. 

ImageThis spots a beauty in North devon (is all I'm saying! go hit up google maps or Bing maps for 30 seconds..)


Hopefully not long now until the proper wind and swell returns, August seems to have had a few surprises up it sleeves in recent years, so fingers crossed..

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