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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Autumn Winter 2013/14!



I seem to have been neglecting the blog a little, much like everyone else. I blame it on the fantastic season we're having! So here's a little round up starting in October...

Things got off to a slow start but there was the odd epic day to be found like the one above at Constantine. 


ImagePic by Mark Bell


We then had the trip to the Orkney Islands with Mike Archer and Mark Bell. Nearly a skunking but came good in the end. Story here..


ImagePic by Debbie Kennedy 

Then at the end of October the BWA Cornwall event. Bit of a shocker for me! They ran at onshore Marazion on the first day and I managed to miss my heat. I was promised a text if they started as I went off to walk the dog at another beach due to the Palm Oil problem (which was and still is killing dogs that eat it), but never received it, so had to make do with cross shore logo high at Perran! 

Then the next day we had the above at The Bluff, unfortunately my second chance heat was Ross williams and I never really got my act together to even get close to giving the seasoned PWA ripper a run for his money. A lot of fun freesailing afterwards though!

This storm seemed like a big deal at the time...

Strangely the speedsailing this year hasn't quite been as good as you'd think, hopefully some of this wind will blow the right way with the right tide before summer.


ImagePic by Joe Cockle


This was pretty much when the endless run of truly epic conditions started. Above was one of the bigger days at the Cribber. I've sailed it quite a few times now and even sailed right out to bigger brother Zorbas off the other headland, good to see a few other sailers giving it a craic. More of the story here.. 


ImagePic by Peter Caistor

It's not all been massive surf this winter. Above is a small day! 


ImagePic by Jony Price


More often it's looked like this though, especially at The Bluff, sand dredging mast high close outs. This was during the xmas/new year when I spent the holiday time in Cornwall, pretty much everyday was windy and wavy, New Years Day itself was the highlight with a full day of epicness at Mexicos in the sun.





It hasn't all been about the West coast and windsurfing, it's also been one of the best East coast winters in years, including a 10 year swell event... 



Another wind/swell forecast we couldn't miss. We hadn't even thought about any snow (it's been so damn mild this year!) but it nearly stopped us getting to the North coast of Scotland and scoring this..


ImagePic by Geoff Hautman


Absolutely bloody all time!! Days don't come much better than this! A great weekend trip with Geoff Hautman. Luckily we went in his van (lucky despite the gear linkage which made changing gear a real struggle) as mine has had a blown head gasket all winter, and no cooling for the engine, and no heating for us! Full report of this one coming to Windsurf Mag. 


ImagePic by Paul Monnington


I've missed out the 'average' weekends of sub mast high and under 30knots! So now finally to last weekend and the Red Bull storm chase! What an epic!!





Sequence by Paul Monnington.


If you've somehow missed out on the media from this, the best of it can be found here..

And the Boardseeker Podcast is epic too..

I sailed upwind of the action (with the rest of the usual suspects Jony Price, Dave Ewer, Andrew Fawcett and Ian Black) where it was considerably smaller and possibly the gustiest day I've ever sailed! (the Bluff is usually gusty but this was 50 knot hail squalls to 10 knot lulls). Not easy not looking limp against the worlds 4 best storm chasers! but the KS3 helped -crazy wind range on that 4m.

I also got to try out my latest Moo Custom, which is an 88ltr, 228 by 59 Flying Friesian. Really impressed with it and I should have got myself a bigger board years ago, makes getting around the break on these crazy closeout days with mast high white water a whole lot easier!



She's a beauty! 


So that's it I'm up to date! I'll try and do one weekend at a time from now on.

It doesn't look like it's going to end! Geoffs just texted me to say it's blowing 108mph on the Lynn and it looks like a very windy Cornwall weekend again!! Cowabunga.




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