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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Somebody shoot me




I think a few were surprised to see me as the forecast wasn't so great, but I wanted an excuse for a week off, slow life down a bit, and figured I could do some video and some fin promo stuff. 

We had a bit of wind early on and the contest got underway. I drew Alfie in the first heat and managed to go through -perhaps inevitable as I borrowed a much bigger board off Geoff Hautman (thanks mate!) and Alfie was more focused on getting his filming done! Next up I had Phil Horrocks and perhaps inevitably I didn't get through -Phil rips and went on to finish the event in 2nd.

They didn't manage to finish the first elimination, so we had to wait for a day with wind again. The forecast really was a bit pants with light NW winds all week, which meant small mushy light x-on starboard tack. The next two days involved trying to find a surfable wave and failing miserably.. 

ImageDesperately seeking surfing with Leky.

Not getting on the water drives me nuts, the forecast looked far from epic and there was this annoying forecast for back home in the UK which just kept getting better. So good in fact that one of the best spots on the East coast would light up, something which hasn't happened with the necessary wind in over 2yrs. (28mph wind and 10-15ft surf!)

So come Wednesday afternoon I decided to do a runner -leave the craic in Ireland, leave me mates behind, miss the double elimination and a contest result, and drive from Brandon to the NE on my own. I'd travelled to Ireland with the super talented Aleksy Gayda, but he decided he had to stay to keep the sponsors happy. Hopefully I can drag Leky along next time and we can get some footage of him ripping.

I left at 4pm, boarded the 8pm ferry, drove home to leicester for 5am, picked a cooker up from work to drop into the kitchen (meant our plumber could finish everything instead of waiting 2wks for his next slot!), then drove up North for 11am after grabbing a couple of hours sleep here and there. 








When I arrived the wind was there in spades and the sun was out, but swell hadn't kicked in yet and the tide was wrong. It was enough to give bit of a wave but was supposed to double in size by the end of the day.






I decided I had at least 4hrs to kill, so I drove to Scotland and realised I'd done all 4 nations in under 24hrs! I pulled up at the first beach to find Big Davey and his mate Scoty out sailing in cross shore 4.7 weather.

A quick spin there and then I headed off to the reef. The sun had gone in and the sea was now looking a lot more heaving and stormy (the outer buoy showing 25ft and rising!!) I arrived at the special spot to find one surfer out, perfect x-off 5m weather and just overhead sucky waves unloading on the slab then pealing off round the corner. 


Copy/paste this link and you'll see why I'd just driven through the night from one side of the British Isles to the other.. 


I definitely got what I came for. The first surfer went in and Gabe Davies turned up (again!) with a mate, so it stayed quiet enough for just 3 of us to share waves. I sailed until 9.30pm by which time the odd rogue set was mast high. Pretty epic and stoked to score this place, but slightly annoyed I didn't push harder (although a couple of lucky escapes)

I then had a nightmare of trying to find food at 10pm in the middle of nowhere and another not very sleep filled night in a freezing cold van. (I'd had serious hotaches on the water despite it being the end of May! wasn't really prepared for that and my van heater has broke, bloody t5's)




I woke up to the above. The sun was shining, head high cross shore ramps and 5m weather again, but I was so tired I couldn't drag myself out. Guess it had all caught up with me, I went back to sleep.  I finally launched at lunchtime just i time for the wind to drop!

So I'd done hell of a lot of driving and missed the Ireland double elimination (light x-on starboard again with Ross Williams taking the win over Phill Horrocks) for basically 3hrs epic dtl sailing and a couple of limp ones. Kinda worth it, couldn't have missed it anyway..



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