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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Big Wednesday


17ft at 15 seconds SW swell and spring tides..


That meant the Cribbar would be worth a look. Unfortunately  a bit of West in the wind meant it was pretty blown out and sectiony, a real shame as it was so nearly epic, but it was still a lot of fun at nearly twice mast high.


I couldn't resist sailing out for a look at Zorba reef on the other side of the bay, it looked a lot cleaner but a bit softer but possibly bigger! 

Some pics i found on the net to show Zorba..


Image Pic Chris Symmonds 


Which as you can see is quite a way out 


ImagePic Geoff Tydeman


Caught a few whoppers at this rare beast, then figured it wasn't the best thing to be doing on my own  2 miles out and headed in, catching a pretty big lump back into Fistral.  


They were now towing into the Cribbar watched by a huge crowd of spectators, it didn't look so good, in hindsight I should have gone back out anyway, but Gwithian was a far more tempting proposition..


In fact it was pretty much classic Gwithian with the tide mid on the push and logo high -thanks to Tommy Perkins for the pics












Hopefully some pics and story in next months Windsurf Mag :) 


I stayed down for the week as the forecast was so good, and surfed everyday. It was an epic week surfing wise, with only one day having to look for bigger stuff and finding shoulder high at Constantine. Unfortunately no more wind, but another big surf day on the Sunday. We went to a reef down South (the 5 oceans reef), then back to the Cribbar and I had a go at surfing it..


On the long paddle out I met another surfer going the other way, who said I'd missed the best of it and that my 6'10 was way too small. I'd like to think that's why I didn't catch anything other than going over the falls a couple of times, but it was probably just my lack of experience in the big stuff and being a bit rubbish.. I nearly got in on one but the board blew back into my face, I elbowed it out the way and put a nice compression in it! (better than my face doing it!) 

It was well worth going out and getting more of a feel for the place though (I've sailed it 5 times now, but it's not quite the same as sitting out there)


Last weekend and another cracking swell was forecast, this time for the NE. Unfortunately it was also the BWA Gwithian event which I'd been looking forward to all year, but the forecast for down there was pretty limp. As it happened they did alright  and ran two rounds for everyone, wish I'd been there..


The NE was going off though! Saturday was windy, but the Northerly direction meant being out of the brunt of the swell if we wanted x shore. I met John Palmer at Filey, which turned out pretty good.












Sunday was the epic swell day. I had high hopes for enough wind to sail, but as it happened there was virtually none. The rubbish forecast for cornwall, and the epic forecast for here meant it was super busy... but one of the best swells for years.. 










Izzy chasing a baby fluffy rodent weasel thing 






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