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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Too many waves

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been really busy with fin stuff and there's just been so many forecasts I haven't had enough time between to blog about them.

Biggest news is, I've got myself a new sponsor in the form of Bluesmiths. This stuff is just the pinnacle of water wear - Nanosphere stretchy  boardshorts and tops, quick drying, hard wearing , super comfy. Check their website..  (sorry for the lack of link, it's busted on here for some reason)

I've been away on my summer hols to Hossegor, which as always seems to be the case, was going off when I arrived the first afternoon and was unprepared (including no travel insurance, which made the paddle over the edge of sucky overhead sandy barrels of doom seem a bit less enticing!). But went rapidly down hill after that and was almost unsurfable most days.


ImageFirst day


Image Classic 


Then I had a rare long weekend of all day drinking at Bestival -never again! it's way too expensive a past time..  The XX were don though.

Then we had our weekend dash to the Orkney Islands, a place I've had my eye on for ages and it didn't disappoint. Pics here in the trips section..  (sorry I can't get links to work at the minute) 

And Boardseeker piece here...


Some new shots in the trip section of Thurso with Ben Proffitt back in March. Here's a bonus shot of him dropping me! Epic fail by the Gopro though - 2 seconds later he was giving me the V's, but the fish eye made him a tiny dot.




Then back to work for a few days until the next little beauty of a low came through, right up the North sea from the South, bringing a monster East swell..  this meant one thing to me -a place I've wanted to surf for years would be working. A world class wave, with a rare swell and an even rarer wind..   I sailed it for over two hours, then gave way to the surfers, and took a few pics..
















It was kinda epic, but despite the swell wrapping in and cleaning up beautifully at a cracking size and with some grunt, the wind was still coming over the back of them and very gusty. Maybe in another 3yrs it'll happen again with the wind 20 degrees further round! 

I then headed to Redcar for some cross on jumping and to meet up with Luke Raistrick. It looked epic.. 


ImageVery windy!


Image cross shore ish


Fully windy, so we rigged 3.7s but straight away it dropped. Then rigged 4.7, but it was now torrential rain and very dark and grey. I was powered up and the waves weren't bad, but it was so grim it was hard to enjoy. Luke gave it a good craic though..







more full res pics on my Flickr, link on home page. 


The wind was meant to drop overnight, but the swell keep pumping. So I stopped in Morrisons underground carpark and tried to dry out 2 wet sails, a wet wetsuit, wet clothes, wet boards, wet towel and a very wet big dog as best I could so I could sleep in the van..

I woke up feeling pretty damp and grim! Worse still the waves looked big and messy and there was a howling offshore. I decided I had to go windsurfing and heading South would be favorite for cross shore. I passed several surf beaches which looked like they were going off, including my all time fave which was absolutely macking with no one out (just a bolt offshore force 8!). Eventually I arrived at Fraisethorpe where everyone was windsurfing, and apologies for saying this, but it looked like a different day and a different swell (from 6ft @ 12 seconds to 2ft @ 2 seconds! wtf! wtff!!)

From this...




To this...




How does that happen?! Well I guess I know now, but not what I expected to see! 

Anyway, at least I got another sail, powered up on 5 0 and caught up for a chat with a few of the local sailors.


Made it back to work for the afternoon. Which is when I got the real kick in the nuts and had to question my sanity. I guess I just like windsurfing too much. But look what I drove away from...

Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh gutted beyond belief.


Finally, here's a link to what could be the future of windsurf boards. Many moons ago I remember Christian Fletcher (one of the first aerialists) having a board cut off at both ends and thinking it would be pretty cool for a freestyle board or even a wave board. Well now a similer design is hitting the mainstream in surfing with a new Firewire model, check the vid, goes pretty well!...


Apologies for all the cutting and pasting required, I'll try and remedy it before the next one. 

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