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Monday, 06 July 2020
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ImageP'land surf at 7am wednesday.


Had a couple of epic surprise sessions in the last week. First off I was down in Devon with the folks, plenty of surfing as expected, but certainly didn't expect x-off 4.7 weather at Woolacombe on bank holiday Tuesday. Much windier than they had in Cornwall and a pretty epic day. Only shoulder high but really punchy and full power going down the line at mach10.(sorry no pics) A good warm up for this... 




Had to work Thursday and Friday so missed super windy Thursday. Finished work at 4 on Friday afternoon and headed off on the 2.5hr drive to Kirby to catch the last of the wind. Arrived just before 8 to see a handful of sailors out -probably 25mph tops and raining. Rigged the 5.5 which is as big as I ever use really and left the 17cm Moo-k4fin in the usual 40 Moo board. First runs were just over 40knots. Gradually the wind picked up and everyone drifted off the water. Then I started to get 45 maxes, and eventually at 9.30pm a 49.5 knot max! By this time things were getting a bit blurry and a couple of runs later I called it a day as I couldn't see the chop. I'd not fallen in a single time, so figured I'd not push my luck even though the kit felt rock solid going away from the wall into death chop.


The trouble with speedsailing is, it's hard to be totally happy unless you beat your pb's, and that usually depends on extreme weather. With a 45.1 knot average this was actually my 3rd best day ever, and the conditions seemed far from perfect, not massively windy and a pretty short session so I should be stoked with those results, but somehow wishing I'd gone quicker. Then I arrived home at 1am to see that the Dutch guys had completely smoked me again, and everyone else! actually raising the bar for speedsailing by a fair margin..


Jurjen pushing the 5 times 10 sec average to an all time gps record of 48.4 knots! -beating Anders Bringdals 48knots achieved at the trench Luderitz. And also taking the max 2 second speed off me by 0.03 knots to take it to 50.51! 

I've some new 2012 SCR sails on the way (was using a 2010) and we also have some new fins to test very soon -made from new moulds, with new techniques and a new material. I can't help feel that these fins are my secret to being competitive at 76kg! So hopefully I can take the max back on the next big blow.


Off surfing tomorrow in the NE, so expecting double overhead barrells! :)




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