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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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ImageImage by BWA/Dave White


Everytime I enter a wave event I get the lamest conditions for my heat, loose interest and swear never to bother again. This time was no different.. there we were, me and my mate Potter, fighting over last place in 1ft slop with a redundant sail in the first heat of the event. Only this time I was quite interested in kicking Potters arse or I knew I'd never hear the end of it. Whoever won had to face British No1 and sailing buddy, Ben Proffit, so it was going to be a pretty short day either way. It ended up with Potter dead last and myself 2nd from last.. standard contest for us unseeded monkeys.(neither of us having competed for over a year)

Day 2 and we abondoned the windless event to score some pretty decent surfing.

Day 3 and the final day of the event was forecast some proper solid conditions and a chance to fight back in the double elimination. It started off as 4.2 weather, but was soon up to the typical Rossy full power 3.7. Luckily PuraVida Jim lent me a brand new small mast for the 3.7 and I was super comfortable on that all day (with the 75 Fly and 15 flex twin fins).I managed to squeeze through several heats and fought my way up to Jamie Hancock in 6th. Jamie had been hanging onto a 3.7 (smallest sail he'd bought) all day, probably for dear life bearing in mind he's only 60kg ish and I heard him say he was pretty shattered. So figured I had a good chance of taking him down despite him being a full ripper, this was pretty much when the wind eased back and I guess Jamie ended up the better powered of the two of us. I got a bit lost at sea but was totally chuffed to finish 6th in a very strong field of PWA'ers  and winteraway'ers (all 5 infront of me are World Tour windsurfers). Perhaps they should run a 'privateers cup' as part of the Pro fleet with the rules being no more than 3 weeks windsurfing outside Britain a year and have a full time job!  Good idea I reckon.


Image Results from  BWA site

Respect to Adam Lewis for breaking into the top 3 'aliens'! and the aliens for their super impressive sailing in the finals and big stunts out the back.

Image Image by BWA/Dave White


And one from Windy Sunday..

Image Image by BWA/Dave White


Lots more pics and info including the live stream on the BOARDS FEATURES PAGE and event podcast.


Really enjoyed the event, thanks to all the organisors and sailors for making it a great weekend. Gutted having to wave everyone off to Ireland for round 2 and going back to work on Monday. I might swing it next year if I can get wife Trudie to change her Birthday... Looking forward to the Cornwall round in October, hopefully I can make it and it delivers some epic conditions and the down the line stuff I usually sail.



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