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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Not quite Leven

Headed to Cornwall at the weekend for a forecast of big 15second lumps and South West wind Saturday, followed by 8ft at 12 and NNW 40 knots Sunday.

Ended up at the Bluff on Saturday. Good session with lots of happy faces, sun out, no hat or gloves, head high waves and most people on 4.7s (me included, turned out way too small though). Didn't get the camera out, but Splashography did. That loop on the second page is my first run out, a rare moment of gust amid the lulls, classic bluff stuff.

Pic by Nick.

Then went for a surf at Aggy with Nick Moffatt, and probably missed the best of that too. Looked epic when I got there, but by the time I was in I'd missed the tide and only had chunky close outs to play with.


Booger wave


I had high hopes for Sunday. Hit the road early for Leven expecting an epic. It did look pretty decent when I arrived...



Only there were around 10 surfers in. Figured I'd sit it out and wait for the wind to pick up more and swing as forecast, so the conditions would be less tricky for sailing and the surfers would head in. Lee 'Pasty' Harvey was also waiting hoping to kite.
Unfortunately when the wind really kicked in the swell seemed to disappear to shoulder high rock hugging mush. Walked the dog round to Rinsey and killed a bit more time, but nothing improved, so headed to Praa Sands.. which looked really good!

Surfers in the sheltered corner


Very offshore, but enough for the 5m and 75Fly. Pasty zipped out first and caught a hundred waves per hour on his kite, then Nick turned up and we had a pretty decent sail in the sun, getting some proper hits on clean overhead waves. Made the trip to Cornwall well worth while. (of course in hindsight I should have sailed the Bluff early Sat, surfed Agy after lunch and surfed Leven early Sun -that would have been twice as epic a weekend)
Had another surf at Praa before the 5hr drive home and I'm toast today.

Following Nick, didn't work out too well!


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