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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Summer oop Norf in Feb

July and August saw some weird weather in the NE, there were actually some big North Sea swells and cold windy weather when it should be flat season. Now I've just spent two days up there in a Northerly wind feeling comfortable in just a jumper, in Febuary -it should feel like minus ten with snow!

Feeling generous with the pics today..

A rare right in the land of the left.

Coquet Island from Warkworth.

I left at 6.30 am Wednesday morning and arranged to meet kiter Dave Ibby at 9.30 at a half decent wave I'd found way up North. I couldn't help driving off down every beach road to check the conditions though and fill in the gaps on my wave map, so didn't arrive until 11.

For scale check the walkers in the foreground, waves about a mile away.

You can just see the kite in front of the castle before launch and the wave on the right. I rigged up and started to sail upwind towards them (James from surfstore too)... as they disappeared off round the back of the castle completely ignoring said wave.
I probably had a couple of hours ripping the wave up to myself (probably logo high and pretty round), trying not to start off too deep as it's super shallow and spits you straight on the reef if you mess up. Which is what I did on the first wave of the day when I tried to airiel it as it raced off...  landed, got mowed down, dumped on the slab, and left high and dry. Eventually decided to walk back round to the key hole what with the crowd of spectators and all..

Caught a few bombs and managed to out run them, sometimes I was just racing along a verticle wall, glued to the face, keeping sheeted in to not get the leach lipped, only putting in any turns when it slowed down and then finding the bottom getting sucked out from beneath me.Wish I'd had a camera man in tow. Wind dropped so started to head back downwind to the van. Kitey boys reappeared and headed in too, not sure what they'd been up to?!

Jumped back in with surfboard and caught a bunch of closeouts as I couldn't keep up without the wind power. One fast wave.
Knocked it on the head after a dragging over the reef.
Then went to another reef and got dragged over that one. Smashed the tail, smashed a fin, ripped a plug out and put a good foot long crease across it. Surfing up here definitely has a habit of showing you who's boss when you start getting a bit giddy, but it was getting dark and I was impatient Wish this one had been on camera. I tried to jump in off the point between sets to avoid the paddle round, but by the time I'd rock hopped far enough, a mother set arrived on cue. So tried to leg it backwards but got washed off me feet... 15ft backwards up a 30 degree slab, and off the 6ft drop behind.. onto my board. Kind of fun ride until I saw the board. Kookarama.

Decided I really needed to surf in the morning and erase some of that memory with some good stuff. So up at 7 for the dawnie...  I tell you it was lovely in the van compared to last time I tried it up here! (I had to have a lie in then as I couldn't bare the thought of leaving the double sleeping bag,double air mat, duvey cocoon until I couldn't see my breath. faark it was cold)




But had to wait a little for the tide here...


Which was pretty damn decent, stoke replenished!
So hit the road and back to work for 2.

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