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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Random 2
Well, after Friday's forecast of 2ft turning into epic way overhead barrells, I thought I was on a roll...

Saturday had a perfect forecast for speed at West Kirby. I arrived to barely a force 4. It didn't get much better..  (very unfortunate for Nick Vardalachos who'd travelled over from Greece, although he did manage 43knots!)

So I took out the 4.7 Blacktip and 82 Mistral twin for a spot of freestyle with some 14cm K4 freestyle fins, and then some 14cm K4 stubbie wave fins. Actually turned out pretty epic for freestyle. Not many out and Jack Sawbridge on form giving me some live footage to learn from. Ten years ago I tried to learn some switch stance stuff, and thought 'b*gger that'. On Saturday I had another crack and seemed to make massive progress (obviously due to the easy speed and mirror flatness of Kirby) being able to switch, sail along and actually attempt moves on both tacks. OK, I crashed everything, but I thought that was pretty good going to atleast be having a punt, so went home happy.

Sunday, and a better forecast than Friday for wind and for waves. But very nearly skunked again...


That was Redcar. A very Icy and gusty wind, and disappointing shoulder high waves. It didn't tempt me in!


Soon the wind almost disappeared completely, so I headed for a swell magnet and went for a surf. 
Pretty small, random, lumpy and chopped up but worth going in. My face nearly fell off on the long walk back to the van, the air was absolutely baltic, I guess it's officially winter.


I'm now fully SIMMER'd up having just gone my hands on a 75 FLY. I reckon this thing's going to be amazing with flexy fins in it. As I'm a twin fin lover I thought I'd give it a go with some 15's in the rear first.

Plans for this week are probably West Kirby Wednesday (lets see if a forecast finally delivers a gps ranking) and East coast at the weekend...

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