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Monday, 06 July 2020
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I'm quite pleased with the above. After years of having the aquapac flapping around my arm on a piece of elastic, I finally got round to making a proper band to hold it in place. Made it from my old knee support. Hopefully Kirby tomorrow and maybe Monday or Wednesday.

I've signed up to this...
Seems like a great idea, haven't got round to getting stuck into it yet, but I think we need something like this.

The is on Live right now and will decide a winner today (in the night here)

I tried to hold my breath the other day and got 2 mins 3 secs, guess that's not bad for a start.

Check out Proffits vid from Oz so far, bloody funny as usual with epic stunts..

And check out Will Rogers vid of last weekend at Kirby..

Now I've lost most of you, here's my exploits today.

Magic Seaweed predicted 2ft of surf today on the East coast and barely a star...




That's my 6'8 semi gun, for bigger waves than my 6'6 semi gun. I snapped it. Gutted. It was pretty much my last wave of the day though. Totally epic, well overhead barrells, warm, perfect tide and wind. There was a pic, but you've got to be quick, gone now..


''Good news all round today, the concrete bunker is back online, the sun is out the winds are offshore and the surf is a solid 3-4ft (head high) well lined up and cranking... However winter has also arrived with the surf as this morning iced windscreens we're being frantically scraped by locals keen for a surf before work, so make sure you've got all your winter gear ready as it's turned baltic. Although the low pressure thats created this swell is now long gone we can still expect waves for the start of the weekend with at least 2-3ft (waist to shoulder) still with good period and moderate offshore's. Late Saturday a second low moves further West of Orkney into the perfect position to fire another longrange ground swell our way. However the NNW angle and strong offshore winds we will see all along the East Coast will reduce the size somewhat, but we should see a simlar 3-4ft swell with some very strong offshore's early next week. Midweek something we have'nt seen for many years happens, a medium size low gets trapped in the perfect window for us by two smaller systems, one over the North Atlantic and the other over Eastern Europe and continues sending waves our way. The Eastern european low then fattens and becomes a blocking system effectively stopping either of the other low's moving West, causing them to collide and combine over Thursday morning into a super tight onion slap bang in the middle of the North Sea. This will obviously generate plenty of surf and build very quickly but we are going to see some crazy winds locally and freezing wind chill and snow/hail too. Over Friday the system moves further SW with forecasted 20ft+ open water seas locally backed with some massive surf and NNE gale force winds that fill down from the top of the North Sea. So it's going to get pretty hectic surf and wind wise later in the week making only the most sheltered bay's surfable and even then conditions could be far from ideal! We could sea in excess of 8-10ft (double overhead) surf on the local beaches and quite possibly far bigger surf if the charts stick to their current path!''


To put that in perspective, today was logo high (and logo wide) with a few board snapping bombs  And I don't care too much about the cold, just my Oshea 5mm suit on today (no polypro, gloves or hood). Left Xcel who were very good to me, to use Farrell's Simmer and O'shea gear.

Moo Custom
Hot Sails Maui
K4 Fins





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