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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Cornwall going off again..

Despite feeling sick as a dog I decided to head to Cornwall for Friday to Sunday -the forecast was solid but definitely not epic.



What with feeling so ill having had a snotty cold for a few days I didn't go crazy with the alarm clock and got up at 6am. Arrived in Cornwall 5hrs later and picked up a Witchcraft 92ltr Tri fin off Paul Monington to test some fins (unfortunately Paul's mashed his foot landing a jump), making it to Gwithian at about 1pm.
It looked pretty good and most were coming off the water raving about it. Ten minutes later I could see why -very offshore wind and a clean logo high swell making for some very wall'y and punchy rides.

Some pics on SPLAHOGRAPHY from before I got there. Not sure it was as big or windy, but definitely cleaner and more barrelly later on.

The 92ltr board was a bit of a handful for my weight (76kg) in that size surf, but coped really well and was perfect for testing tri fins.

different templates, foils, asymetrics, stiffnesses and some with 'cant'

lots of 'cant'!

Last time I tested Tri fins was on a 75ltr board and I didn't mind the single flexy rear k4fin. On the bigger board with bigger less even fins it definitely wasn't working, and needs the stiffer stubbies (bigger ones out soon)

The cant was an interesting test -I found it actually really helped the board 'drop' into a gybe. On the wave it wasn't so good though, making the board have less 'bite' in the bottom turn without really loosening it up.
Perhaps I'd gone too far overboard with the cant angle, and that combined with the fins flex meant it was 'spilling' water. Maybe our fins flex gives them some 'cant' anyway without needing to tip them over..
I'll try again with much less angle.
The 14 stubbies worked really well in the board, I'm pleased with those.

Finished the day with a really fun 2hr surf as the sun went down.

My next scrounge was a bed for the night! Huge thanks to Julian Leach for letting me stay at his place, definitely didn't want to be in the works van in November with wet kit, a wet dog, and a stinking cold. (Check out his rental flat -very nice!)


I think the forecast was 10ft at 14seconds and a possibilty of windsurfable wind on the SW tip -enough to lead to a massive dawny drive around..

( I nearly put a pic in here, but thought better of it... sorry)

Weirdly all the 'big wave' spots seemed too small and the wind was non existent (possibly needed to be more patient with the tide, the internet will no doubt reveal this week). Ended up back at Newquay 6hrs later! And it was huge...  the Cribber was breaking... and it was only mid tide...

To better see the following pics, check them out on Flickr and double click to make them full size. That way you'll better see the scale, and the little surfers on the waves..




Those are from when I arrived. No one out (at 2pm on a Saturday.. in Newquay.. although the tide was coming good). I paddled out first feeling a bit apprehensive as I could barely climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath, let alone a triple overhead beating and hold down..

Played it pretty safe and still had some screamers. Came in when i'd had enough and took some more pics, although the swell was starting to drop..


There was a guy SUP'ing the Cribber and some guys towing in. the SUP guy was the hero of the day and taking some real beatings!
For my money it looked better at Fistral..






Early to bed again and up for another 6am dawnie. This gave me a good hour of my favourite spot to myself and way too many decent waves to ride on my own. Then another couple of hours with just a handful out. Weird, wasn't like the size was still keeping the numbers down anymore.

Couple of hours break, then in at watergate, before leaving for home..  fully stoked, sinuses rinsed out and pretty much rid of the lurgy. Crazy warm for November, the surfing sorted me out a treat.. 




Trying to show better pics on the blog of some sick waves, but it's very tricky; the GoPro is slightly embarassing, the waterproof rubbish, I'm always in a rush to get out and many spots just a little bit too secret for me to risk a lynching (though most are in the mags and on the net anyway...) and I've still not had time to learn to use the 1D.. hopefully I'm getting better though

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