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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Maui's done
I had far too good a time in Maui, didn't want to leave (although I'm quite looking forward to getting stuck into some fin stuff and some decent winter surf)

The low point of the hols was probably my AWT contest. I sucked for my ten minutes of glory. I got off to a bad start when my watch died infront of my eyes, then the ocean went flat and windless for my 'between sets' heat. I sailed out the back looking for a wave which didn't come and the 10 minutes felt more like 3, I couldn't believe it when the red flag went up. I'm no Kelly Slater. The most annoying thing is that I entered the contest to get some time at an empty Ho'okipa and catch some decent waves...  
Then waiting around for the double which never happened. Standard contest for me...

Took me a while to get into Ho'okipa -I only really started to 'get it' in the last few days. I'm used to sailing almost alone so Ho'okipa which often had 50 people out took a bit of getting used to as did 'sharing' waves. It also seems to be the worlds most complex wave -I thought I'd be practicing 360s and goita's for two weeks, instead it was all I could do to hit the lip on time and sail away. Pretty depressing when you then see Brawzinho busting a perfect air Taka or Levi tweaking out a huge air on every wave, makes yo feel pretty kooky until you realise there's 30 odd guys out there who sail the place EVERY day. The level is crazy good -Levi, Polakow, Kauli, Bouj, Stone, Prior, Angulo, Victor, Ezzy, Pritchard, Teboul, Juban, Goya and a whole bunch of other absolute rippers who haven't made the world headlines yet but surely will...  Morgan Noireaux and Bernd Roediger to name a couple and still in the juniors.

Strangely it seemed a lot better and more fun on an East wind swell than it did with a big groundswell, which was what we had towards the end of the trip.

Check out my FLICKR page for some of the action.

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