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Monday, 06 July 2020
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Down to Cornwall for this one.

Spent Saturday surfing. First at Porthtowan which was pretty chunky but not too great a swell, then Fistral, which seemed to be doing a much better job of sorting the waves out.



Sunday and I surfed again at Fistral. Pretty epic. Tried out my new ebay special camera (see above), an Olympus Tough 6020. Bit disappointed with the results -the sun was actually out although it was early morning. I'm sure my old sw790 took better shots before it flooded. I guess I could have been closer to the action, but it's hard to sit in the right spot for good shots and not get cleaned up and I was busy paddling for everything!. Great surf until the wind started to pick up..


So off to Gwithian, which looked very limp, and half the size of Fistral (I'm pretty sure it was a west swell too?). Luckily the sun was out and lots of good sailors, so it was pretty fun.


Fin waft

Credit card air



Four pages of pics of everyone at Splashography

Have to say I'm blown away by how good my new Simmer Blacktips are. I try and avoid blatent pimping, but these are special! -super light in the hands, super flicky and loads of power. I've never planed so early, it really made the session a whole lot better for me. This had the markings of a frustrating day normally.

I'm hugely disappointed with this month so far though. After an epic July and August (by normal standards) I guess the run of wind and waves had to come to an end, but why in September?! we should be dodging mast high bombs and getting the best conditions of the year..  hope the forecasts wrong..

Moo Custom
Hot Sails Maui
K4 Fins





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