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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Gower power

That's not the Gower, but the froth inducing view as I drove down the hill to Rhosniegr last Saturday. You can't see much of the conditions, but those who know, will know...  top day it was.

This weekend I headed for the Gower...



That's not the Gower either. Might not look much in the drizzle soaked pics (Instagram app btw), but that was before the wind kicked in and the tide turned (makes a huge difference to the wave size in these parts). I think it's safe to say that head/logo high long rides down the line on 5.3's was as good as anywhere in the country.


Well that obviously is the Gower. Sunday morning I had a couple of surfs (at Langland, then at Caswell at high), then went for a look around taking in Mumbles headland, Hunts Bay, Horton and Worms Head (above). the plan was to score the Gower reefs as the conditions were perhaps optimum, NW wind and medium swell.


That's Crabart reef off the back of Worms head. Pretty big and clean, but a mission to get to.


The view back towards Horton.

I could see plenty out at Llangenith, but I really came here for some reef action. So we (Pura Vida Jim and local ripper Ian) decided to launch at Horton and head upwind from there. I managed to get about a mile upwind, but we decided in the end that Point Eynon was as good a reef as any, so mostly sailed there (5.3 again and maybe logo high). Good to have a look round, always wondered about this stretch (although I've sailed Port Eynon point before just never the hard to reach bits). Would have had some pics only the waterproof Olympus decided to flood. Maybe next time we'll do Crabart, which I think Ian last sailed in the 90's..

Big thanks to Jim and family, cheers bud :)

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