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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Autumn for a day.

I struggled to believe it would happen on a day in July. But Sunday morning I left Leicester at 7am heading for West Kirby (which was showing about 5mph on xcweather!) in the hope of some fast times on the speed kit. The weather guru's said it was going to blow 35knots plus in the ideal WNW direction and two of the top Dutch guys (Martin van Meurs and Serge Beumer) were heading over with obvious confidence in the forecast.

The big worry for me was that I'd be sat in the cafe all day waiting whilst cornwall was going off, so it was a huge relief to arrive at Kirby 2hrs later and find that the wind was already filling in enough for some runs down the wall.

It turned into a fairly epic day! Off the scale for July, and more like a cold wet blustery day from November. It pretty much blew all day and peaked between 6 and 8pm at 35knots with 43knot gusts on the Hilbre Island weather station

I have to admit I didn't have the best day 'gps' wise only managing a 44.9knot max and a 43.2 average on the kit I'd previously done 48 on (which is pretty much the only kit I use for speed -5.5 Simmer, 40 wide Moo and 20 k4fin).
Even though it seemed pretty windy and I was happy enough, I guess I just wasn't powered up enough in reality (I know it's crazy!). The fast days are when you're waiting for a lull so your kit stays on the water long enough for you to get on it and then you're blasted down the wall. I should use some bigger kit I guess, but I always live in hope of catching the magic nuking gust and don't really like the faffing of several set-ups. I'm coming to the conclusion though that the 40 needle is best left for the record days and a 45 wide would be quicker 90% of the time (especially when it's very broad and the board/fin aren't producing much lift), and not far off the rest.

Some of the guys went preeetty blooming quick! There's sometimes a bit of sand bagging goes on, but the ear to ear grins were giving the game away. The full results are now up here confirming that...


Big well done to Ian Richards who's been banging on the door for a while and is the keenest speeder out there, he could well be topping the British results now. The Dutch guys were also flying with some amazing speeds on a day which didn't seem like it should produce 47knot maxes! It could certainly have been a lot windier and smoother...

I sailed almost 10hrs and was last off the water. Feet are stinging today with hundreds of little cuts and I've the full body ache. Top day, Mk3 K4 Freestyle fins are super nice (I think these will be the ones) and the speed kits fully tweaked for the 50 year storm.

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