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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Iceland, Kent, Cornwall..

It's been a hectic few weeks for me; I've been to Iceland, Kent and Cornwall windsurfing and been doing loads of work on the fins. I've managed to finally find time sort some pics so hope you like 'em..



There's a full round up of what I found, where I sailed, pics, etc in Iceland HERE (it's quite long but hopefully useful to anyone planning on going, which you should!)

To cut a long story short, the epic forecast for a week of massive waves disappeared after the first day. I only sailed the first day (see above), but that was enough to show just what the conditions can be like -pretty rad!
Can't believe I got skunked again, imagine 7 days of that!!



So you're probably wondering how I did that if there was no wind or waves? My list of injuries is now: broken wrist twice snowboarding, broken ribs racing bikes, broken ribs and bloody lung surfing, nearly loosing my leg windsurfing, loosing my front tooth windsurfing....  slicing head open taking a poop!

Yep. Being in a bit of a rush with a 'rear end Geysir moment' I failed to notice the cleaners had left the 'pressed metal' loo roll holder up in our cramped bog, and it was bl**dy sharp too. 0.1 seconds later I'm gushing out of both ends, a right old mess, bathroom looked like a scene from Psycho. Luckily the A&E over there didn't have a 4hr que and I passed out on the hospital bed...   gotta laugh really! (Did this on day 3 in Iceland, internal stitches and 12 external, £200, healed quite nice now)

Anyway, (you can stop laughing now), after a great holiday (non surfing wise) I made it back to Gatwick in one piece, and headed over to Kent on an epic forecast to sail with Lance Newbury...



This was Broadstairs on BH Monday. I had a seriously good sail -apparently the lucky b*ggers had had 4 days of it already. Full power 4.5 and half decent waves..  with my fetching silver swim cap!

Since then I've been working on the new k4 freestyle fins, which are ready for testing, and spent last Sunday/Monday in Cornwall wavesailing.

Another Southerly wind with SW swell meant checking out some lesser sailed spots. I headed to Perran with just about everybody else but soon decided I'd prefer Fistral, which just about everybody else hates and ended up sailing on my own (just the GB ZapCat slalom club for company...)

It was standard Fistral, very hard work, gusty and punishing but really rewarding riding. (sorted the men from the boys in the ZapCats with logo high sucky thumpers) It may turn out I get some pics of Fistral for a change from one of the Zap Cat guys.

Monday like everyone else I gave in (guess no-one could face another day of the hideous sand mountain) and went to Gwithian (at 2pm, after a morning surf at Aggy), to find the swell wasn't that big again (bigger earlier apparently), but had a fun few hours almost to myself again at low. Everyone started to reappear just as my fun was cut short with a broken mast. Funny thing is, I've had 3 wave masts for the last 5yrs and never broken any despite my love of heavy slabs and bad timing. So a bit gauling that I broke one getting catapulted into the sand at 2ft Gwithian trying to clear two waves at once....  long overdue (it was second hand when i got it and the size has rubbed off too, time for a shiny new one).
Well worth the trip down, a shame I had to miss the BWA at Rhosniegre but no way I was taking Friday off to watch SUP and sit at work on windy Monday..

Looks like they're all having fun in Ireland this week too, but really had to be at work..

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