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Saturday, 29 February 2020
April fools Fistral

A bit late this one, this was Friday's day out in Cornwall.

Due to the morning spring low tide and SW swell direction I headed for Fistral first rather than the usual Gwithian. Fistral breaks much better at low tide and cops more swell when there's South in it.

North/little Fistral was about logo high and rocky on the inside. South about head high with clean faces and not much wind. The Cribbar about mast high, windy and choppy as..  it's not that great a wave going left but still good fun.

I had the place to myself so sailed all over the shop.

I'd borrowed Potters Quad to do some fin testing which went really well (Mistral's are twins -I like my twins, but difficult to test quad fins!). Unfortunately the Moobots were unavailable..

I just stuck in some 14 rears and hand foiled asymmetric10 fronts -they handled the various waves and chop (foot high chop on mast high waves) with no issues and I more or less forgot they were there.

A quick stop for lunch, then I headed to Gwithian to catch the tide there from mid and join the masses.



This time I did some testing 'proper'. Filled my weight jacket with fins and a screw driver instead of lead and headed upwind for a few waves to myself. Then downwind to Godrevy for some more empty waves (maybe I still miss formula racing after all...). Looked super busy in front of the carpark and a Friday too. Lots of top quality pics as usual on Matthew Burridges site Guavajelly.

After totting up about 6hrs sailing, I needed a 'break' so filmed Andy King and James Cox ripping it up. Could have done with better light and a consistent reef break with channel to film from, but I'm sure that day will come and I'm ready for it with my new pole mount!

I couldn't muster the energy to go out again after that, actually got a bit too cold in my 4/3 floating about, so that was it for the day, a very long day starting at 5am!

Had planned to stay down for a weekend of surfing, but the forecast changed to Westerly 13mph so I bailed for home and browny points...  and of course later heard somewhere had been epic on Sunday?!

And the fins?
yeah, I didn't think it was night and day between sym and asy, but I definitely felt a 5% improvement everywhere (speed, upwind, power, grip) with absolutely no detectable negatives. I did have a couple of turns where the front fins really seemed to dig in extra hard and hook me round (great feeling), but it didn't seem to happen at will.
I'd actually say it seems to make more difference with these windsurf fins than with all the fancy surf fins I have (with inside foil and what have you, but maybe that's just my level of surfing), so I was a bit surprised anyway.

Oh, and the old tooth less T4 has gone. Work have finally replaced it with a T5 102, dog's now banished to the back and I'm dusting off the sand before chucking my kit in..

Moo Custom
Hot Sails Maui
K4 Fins





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