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Friday, 03 July 2020

I should call this blog entry 'Yorkshire drive about 4' really....

Started off at Flamborough Head and ended up past Whitby, done this bit before but still filling in the gaps..

The reef at Thornwick

Caves at Thornwick.

Thornwick is near the end of Flamborough Head on the North side. Tide was pretty high and the wind a bit onshore, but looks to have potential for a good surf.

Next along was Primrose Valley..

View left (Filey and it's Brigg at the end)

View right (Flamborough head at the end)

Not sailed here yet (although I did Filey once in a northerly), looks pretty good I reckon, better option perhaps than Fraisethorpe when there's more West than North in the wind and it'll pick up a lot more swell.

Looking South to Filey Brigg.


Looked to be this nice little offshore reef at Gristhorpe. Shame about the 200ft verticle cliffs..


The view from Gristhorpe North to Cayton Bay and Scarborough in the background.

Gotta love the NE surfers..

Went for a surf at the usual spot -'the bay which must not be mentioned'

Really good -over head, powerful long rides and only 4 people out. Took the 20 wide Firewire Dominator out, wished I'd taken the 6'5 step up! Shockingly good really for a 5.5ft at 9secs forecast. Wish I had some pics! but to be honest I daren't take a camera out..  although they were a friendly enough bunch.
Still in my 4/3 suit, with polypro hoody vest, bamboo booties and me new crabs claw gloves.

Had a good sail at East Runton on Thursday too with Whitey, Mike Archer and Faidon Christakopoulos. (First time sailing since the ribs, thankfully no issues with wearing the waist harness)
It was head high with a cross shore wind. Faidon got bit of a shock when he found out how cold the North sea is! Mike faired better and had a good sesh. Dave took pics all morning then the wind dropped when he hit the water at 2 ish..  gutted.

oh dear, oh deary dear..  I need help!..

Surftech TL2 Stretch 5'11*18.6 quad!
Might have to do a kooks review on all these boards at some point!

Moo Custom
Hot Sails Maui
K4 Fins





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