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Monday, 17 February 2020
September swell 2
5ft @18, 6ft @14, 5ft @13 was one hell of a good forecast for Kernow, especially as there was good wind thrown in for Friday.
Seemed like a no brainer to convince friend and ace photographer Si Crowther to drive down for the weekend with his Canon 1D mk4 and water housing!

Unfortunatley things never really panned out the way I expected.

Ended up at Godrevy and Gwithian for Fridays swell and Northerly wind. It was kind of going off and I had a great time, but still a bit disappointing as I'd hoped to score somewhere else and it was just a bit of a survival day dodging dumping mast high close outs for much of the time. Fun all the same, and I scored my most painful wipeout ever when I thought better of a stalled forward at the last moment when a massive gust hit and it turned into a weird violent out of control push loop. Lots of pics at Guavajelly courtesy of Matthew Burridge.

Caught up with Si on Saturday morning and we drove round looking for something that wasn't there, the camera never got wet and neither did I 'til 5pm!

Sunday was again a let down but made sure I got in for a session early before heading home at lunchtime.

I guess it's all relative and I just love being on the water so there's never a bad day, but the forecast was definitely bit of a wind up and makes me think I should take swell forecasting a little more seriously and do the maths myself. Maybe Fridays wind just marmalised and flattened it! Looks like the East coast went off anyway!

It was a very educational weekend though; I surfed one spot for the first time after 20 times of looking and found another. I'll be a bit more clued up and on it next time (the desperate drive rounds always pay off one way or another).

I'm afraid you'll have to make do with my pics..

Andy Buchanon at Godrevy


Spot the windsurfs

Finally surfed this

Love cornwall

Looking at the pics maybe it was pretty good afterall...

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