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Friday, 03 July 2020
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West Ireland road trip


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I've just spent the weekend on a mega Irish road trip with Muzzer Saunders and Stevie King.

I had bit of a dilema as I was supposed to be doing the slalom event at Hove. Looked like they might get some wind, but as much as I love a bit of slalom, the waves were definitetly calling... (see above!)

So we missioned it over on the 2.30 am ferry on Friday morning and scored 3 days of wind and waves!


We hit Bellmullet. Russ 'Crazy Horse' Tetlow and his mate Rich Jayes were also there. Check out Russ' PICS
It was 4.5 weather and head high waves, not so clean but good fun.

After a massive session there, we headed round the coast to check some other spots. One looked perfect except for one minor problem...  40 odd surfers. So I launched up the coast a bit, sailed 40 yrds off the beach and the wind disappeared, but it was now 8pm. Thought I'd get in a quick surf, 3 hrs later and I was still surfing, it was still daylight..  weird!



We hit the North West. Arrived to find Mikey Clancy was already on it. Then Oisin Van Gelderen (happy big birthday mate!), then Timo, Jamie Hawkins and Dan Macaulay (so I wasn't the only one missing 14 rounds of slalom!!), plus a host of other local rippers.
This was the best day; at times it was perfect 5 0, logo high, sunny, warm and down the line!


Had another late surf at the end of the day, 'til about 10pm.



Super windy! And I'll be honest by this point I was completely shattered already! didn't really want 3 7 weather on my 4 0!

Ended up at the same spot as Saturday but super powered up. This day was originally meant to be 18ft. Unfortunately it was only head high but still great fun..


I used the Mistral Twinzer 82 the whole time with 15 and 16cm k4fins, all doing their job beautifully. Oisin was testing the new K4quad fins in his Jp -I think deciding the 14s were best in the back.

Left at 4pm to scrape last boarding for the 9pm ferry and back home to blighty for 5am. Job done -completely, utterly, totally, absolutely f*cked..

Loads more pics and craic, but this is all for now..


My wife Trudie is an Artist and now has a blog too... TRUDIE SCRUMPTIOUS
So check that out for more dog pictures!

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