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Monday, 06 July 2020
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The Leg

The Maui souvenir.. 


No it's not a shark bite!

The full story is;

I went out to Maui in 2000, for a 4 week holiday in August.
I spent most of that month learning to spock and getting wacked in the shins with the mast.
This lead to a small collection of graises and bruising, no real problem.
One of the scratches wasn't healing to well though (I was still sailing 8hrs a day so not surprising!) so I went to the clinic and they had a look and sent me on my way with some cream..

Then I caught a fever, and spent the day in bed.
The next day I was due to fly home, but I now felt really ill and was pooring with sweat and my leg was really painful. But I still didn't put two and two together.

I went back to the doctors and missed my flight.
The person that had seen me before got a proper bollocking and I was rushed to hospital (the Maui Memorial) with a severe case of Staff.
Scarily, the infection really started to take hold, my lower leg and veins started to go black and a rash started to spread up the leg.
They put my leg in a kind of 'Jaquzi' and floated off all the dead stuff! My lower leg had turned into a giant sponge and was ouzing pus.

They then operated and removed the remaining dead stuff, all that was left were veins, muscle and bone. I'm not mormally screamish, but looking at my leg made me want to puke.
The picture is two weeks later, when a lot of fresh tissue had grown back.

The rash had gradually gone all the way up my leg and stopped just before my balls when they finally found an antibiotic to cure it.
The docs said if I'd gone home on my original flight, I would have lost my leg and probably died.

I stayed at the Maui Memorial for two weeks before flying home. TBH they were great, the food was lovely (fresh fish and veg)and the private room was ace (sea view, cable tv). Glad I didn't have to pay the $20,000 tab.

When I arrived home, I was sent straight to the Leicester Royal Infirmiry for a skin graft. The two weeks in there were grim!

Two weeks after that I was back on the water.
I now take my TCP with me everywhere!

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