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Friday, 03 July 2020
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Redcar Rocks


Well Saltburn has rocks for sure, I banged my head on one.

Arrived at Redcar at 8am and took in the above view. I was like a dog with two dicks! Go straight out windsurfing or have my best surf in years? I couldn't resist temptation and headed to Saltburn for a look...

Saltburn beach view left!

Saltburn beach view right!

The reef.

I caught a couple of sweet but somewhat windy lefts off the beach, then tentatively paddled over to the four guys on the reef. They were cool, and not catching much so it was game on! After half an hour I was the only person out! I wouldn't go so far as to say I was getting barrelled but certainly pig-dogging in the curl, awesome fun! After 3 meetings with an unmake-able warping section on the inside and the slab below I began to understand why they'd all disappeared! All good fun though as the reef was pretty smooth and slimy..

Headed in to go windsurfing at lunchtime, and back over to Redcar. Unfortunately the surf was disappearing at the fastest rate I've ever witnessed and the wind had swung SSW -too offshore. I had a fun sail for a couple of hours though, stacked (at times) on the 4m. Quite a few local lads out and bumped into Mike Birt, who didn't bother going out, 'usually much better mate...'

Huge potential in this area. And yes, Redcar works in a South Westerly.


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