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Friday, 15 November 2019
'09 sticks

Here's my quiver for 2009 - Pocket 75 for windy jumping, a Da Curve 85 twinny for riding and a Pocket 93 for bump&jump/onshore muck.

To be honest after my first day on the DC85 in a light gusty cross onshore Northerly at Gwithian I didn't finish the day overly impressed with it. Yes, it bottom turned great and top turned amazing, but seemed a real effort to get going in the light winds (5.6 sail) and the gusts just seemed to wrench my arms out their sockets without getting me planing. Now, I've had days like this on the best of boards, so I knew I'd need a better day before making my mind up.

I've now had the DaCurve out in much better conditions and it's been an absolute joy! It inspires total  confidence from the first bottom turn and it just feels perfect. The 85 DC actually feels like an 80 ltr board and should probably be treated as such (infact it probably is 5 ltrs less than other 85's judging by how low it sits in the water when I'm wobbling out)
As an 80 ltr board though, I love it and I'm loving the whole twin fin feeling. I thought that for the conditions I mostly sail in (big down the line stuff) the single fins would still be best, but I'm now convinced that's not the case.
I've now used it with the 5.6 again at Hells Mouth (when the wind was cross off and much more constant and it was a wobble out job), and it actually performed really well. You could tell it doesn't like the big sail still, but once up and running on a wave it was fine.

I've now had a go on the Pocket 93 too, and it was the pefect test for it - a very gusty jumping/riding cross-on day at Marazion. And I'm well chuffed with it. It doesn't feel too big in the air, gets going super early and turns great for a big single fin. If you're after a Pocket wave for light winds I'd definitely recommend this one. (I tried the 'heavy duty' pocket85 and to be honest it didn't do much for me)

Fin wise I used a Choco 23 which is actually pretty big area wise, but not as long as the Tabou one. I'm not entirely convinced by the bigger pocket fins, perhaps great for allround use and they look well made, but a bit much for really ripping it up.(although I confess I haven't actually tried it..) The twinny fins perform spot on though.

I've not sailed the 75 yet, and as I'm loving the 85 so much it could be quite some time before I do!

Xcel 5mm Infinity Drylock

This is a serious piece of equipment! There's been some debate on the forums of late as to which suits are best and whether windsurfers have to wear smoothskin -well I've tried a lot of wetsuits over the years and this one wins hands down. In the last 2 yrs I've owned or tried 3 of the other top brands, so I'm pretty well qualified to judge and the Xcel is far and away the warmest, stretchiest and most comfortable (yes, I'm sponsored by them, but I approached them as my first choice knowing how good they were from friends) You can actually feel how hot your midsection is. I honestly believe the reduced area of smoothskin is made up for by the better quality materials and better fit, plus if you're doing a lot of swimming in big surf in winter they're far less tiring and they'll last longer. (especially if you have a large dog that likes to greet you with a clawed hug as you come out the water!)
Surfers actually have the same issues we have (wind chill included), all be it with a lot more sitting around waiting for set waves and most surfers choose Xcel. Just don't wear it too early in the year or you'll cook..

The proof is in the pudding as they say..

Image Image

This is me sailing at Saltburn in the North East of England in a 30mph North Easterly wind on a 2 degree centigrade day in January (without adding windchill!). Also wearing the Hooded polypro vest, 3mm boots and palm-less mitts!

Super fast Kirby Mk2

Yesterday produced an exact repeat of 'super fast Kirby' and yet another great days windsurfing's.

Check out the video WILD WEST KIRBY

Farrel came out tops again with a 47knot max speed and myself 2nd.
For full results check out GPS-Speedsurfing

Another fantastic day, God I love this sport.

I'm now on YOUTUBE courtesy of Howie Rowson.

A full weekend of DTL

Just had the best 2 day trip in ages!

Headed down to Gwithian for the weekend. Saturday started with a quick surf with Trudie at the Bluff -head high and pretty sweet until it started to get a bit windy..

So Rich Potter and myself rigged our small boards and 5m's and set off from the Bluff for a full down winder to Gwithian (Trudie doing the driving) Without doubt the sweet spot was just before the surfing contest, about a third of the way down -super smooth head to logo high lovely peelers and not too offshore, as good as it gets.

Sailed until dusk and headed up the goat track in the pitch black and torrential rain..

Warmed up with a few beers in the dog friendly Sloop.

Sunday dawned dry and very windy from the South West but not very wavey. That soon changed as the tide pushed in higher though. Pretty much everyone sailed at the Bluff. Check out the pics and vid..




Pics of me at the Bluff by Trudie.

VIDEO of everyone at the Bluff by me.

More pics at Guava Jelly , Splashography , Surfphots and StinkNP

It was another great day. Loads out ripping with the usual suspects being the standouts; Andy King handsdown for jumps and Steve King , Potter, Jamie Hancock, Andy Fawcett and many others ripping up the waves.

Either this is the warmest November day ever, I'm totally unfit or my Xcel wetsuit is too bloody hot! I had to stop and flush my wetsuit to cool down every ten minutes -perhaps it's a bit of all three. Couldn't have asked for much more really, happy days.

Windsurfing -best sport in the world for sure when all the elements come together.


A super fast day at Kirby, with a gps max of 46Knots..
All pics courtesy of John Smalley -Team Weasel.














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